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Lindsey Ciocci

Certified Magnawave Specialist

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Here's who I am & what I do!

Lindsey Ciocci is a Connecticut native, having grown up in the woods of Trumbull. Her love for animals started at a young age and has continued well into adulthood. For college, Lindsey ventured down to Texas for vet school, but had to return to Connecticut early to care for an ailing family member. As a result, Lindsey’s education shifted to teaching science at a high school back home in Connecticut. That love for science led her to seek alternative therapies when her heart horse, Mocha, developed several health issues; including kissing spine, arthritis, fused hocks, and SI issues.  In her search to find relief for Mocha, Lindsey came across Magnawave/PEMF therapy; a revolutionary technology that targets and heals pain caused by inflammation. After attending an online certification program, Lindsey completed three clinical working days alongside a certified Magnawave specialist to obtain her own certification in 2023. Lindsey’s patience, determination, and dedication has paid off. Since starting Magnawave, Mocha is once again sound and has been able to go back to active work, showing, and even jumping! The proof is in the pudding. 


Reach out today to find out how Lindsey can help you, your horse, or one of your other pets (including chickens!) with a personalized treatment plan.  

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